Alcohol detox

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox  Therapy (4 hours)
anti-ageing iv drip in London

Key Nutrients: Glutathione, Vitamin C


Alcohol detox has been designed to work almost immediately to curb cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms, to boost energy levels, improve mental agility, clarity and concentration, as well as enhance physical endurance, performance and metabolism. This drip contains high dose Glutathione, a powerful cellular antioxidant to detox the body, high dose vitamin C a super antioxidant which decreases inflammation from oxidative stress, helps boosts the immune system, is needed for the production of collagen and promotes cellular regeneration.



This IV Drip is perfect to:

•            Boosts energy levels

•            Anti-fatigue effect

•            Enhances physical and mental endurance and performance

•            Detoxification

•            Antioxidant to combat oxidative stress

•            Anti-inflammatory effect

•            Boosts immune system

•            Improves mental clarity, memory, concentration

•            Improves metabolism