Skin Glow IV Therapy

Skin Glow IV Therapy

Skin Brightening Therapy
anti-ageing iv drip in London

Key Nutrients: Glutathione

PLUS: Vitamin C

When to infuse: Regular beauty maintenance to lightened the skin tone.

How often: Complete the therapy 3 times per week, or until you have achieved luminous glowing and lighter skin. Then use once per week as maintenance.

Glutathione not only eradicates free radicals but it also lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin.



This IV Drip perfect secret weapon before a big event for an all-over luminous glow. Below are signs that you would benefit from the treatment.

  • Blemished, dull and lifeless skin
  • Poor diet and exercise
  • Before social events e.g. weddings/parties
  • Build up of pollution/toxins within the body
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Jet lag recovery