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Wellness Myers IV DRIP

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The Wellness Myers Cocktail offered by our vitamin clinic in London has been designed to improve overall physical performance and energy levels. The Wellness Myers cocktail is a multivitamin/mineral combination that is great for those who are worn down by stress or illness, or those just seeking to stay healthy and energized. The Boost IV is great for illness, stress, fatigue and overall wellbeing. It can be followed by an antioxidant IV infusion for even more antioxidant protection.

Wellness Myers




B2 / B3 / B5 / B6 / Magnesium Chloride / Potassium Chloride / Calcium Chloride / Zinc / Selenium


– Improves energy levels
– Decreases fatigue
– Promotes physical performance
– Reduces muscle tension
Improves muscle strength and tone
– Promotes muscle recovery and repair

Unlock the Power of IV Therapy with IV Drip London

Achieve your health goals with our tailor-made IV Drip treatments.

IV Drip London offers a wide range of intravenous drips such as the Myers Cocktail  which a powerful blend of essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals including B-complex, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12 and more.

Our vitamin drips are tailored to address your specific wellness needs and aspirations, such as:

Detoxification support
Immune system boost
Anti-aging benefits
Increased energy levels
Improved cognitive function
Athletic performance enhancement
Beauty benefits for skin, hair, and nails
And many more.

What is the Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that is administered intravenously (IV) to provide a wide range of health benefits. Developed by Dr. John Myers in the 1970s, this treatment is designed to improve energy levels, boost immunity, and alleviate a variety of symptoms related to chronic health conditions.

What are the benefits of Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail can provide a wide range of benefits, including increased energy levels, improved mood, and enhanced immunity. Additionally, it can help to alleviate symptoms of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, asthma, and migraines.

What are the most common Ingredients in the Cocktail?

Ingredients and Nutrients in Myers Cocktail: The Myers Cocktail typically includes a combination of vitamins such as vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins, and vitamin D. It also includes minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc. The precise ingredients and doses used may vary depending on the individual’s needs and the practitioner’s discretion.

How is the Myers Cocktail is administered?

The Myers Cocktail is administered through an IV Vitamin Drip. The process is quick, typically taking around 20–30 minutes, and is performed in a clinical setting by trained professionals. The patient is seated, and an IV catheter is inserted into a vein on the arm. The solution is then slowly infused over the time period.

What Conditions and Symptoms Treated with Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail is used to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, asthma, and migraines. It can also be used to improve overall health and well-being, boost immunity, and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.


What are the Safety and Risks associated with Myers Cocktail and IV Vitamin Drip Therapy?

While IV Vitamin Drip therapy is generally considered safe, there are some risks associated with the treatment. These include infection, allergic reactions, and mild side effects such as pain or swelling at the IV site, headaches, nausea or flu-like symptoms.

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